Murphy The Famous Puppy

Murphy The Famous Puppy

Me and my Friends

      Hi I'm Murphy and I love to play with my sisters Kohl and Casey. They are my only siblings that love to play with me. Adam, my brother loves to play with me too. I love playing with him, but he lives at his dads house. He has the same mom as me and all the other pets here except for my nieces Summer, Roxy, Shadow, Boots, and Spot. My oldest sister Smokey doesn't like to play at all. Well those are my best friends. Oh, my neighbor's dog Sugar also loves playing with me. She is also my best friend.

What I do in my Free Time

     In my free time what I like to do is eat what ever I can find. I like to chew on my sister Casey's toys, I chew on the couch, I chew on my feet, I chew on EVERYTHING. In my other free time I like to sleep on my family's laps when they are sitting on the couch or even laying down. Sometimes I sleep on the couch all by myself. I love to sleep on that couch. To bad Kohl isn't allowed to go on the couch, bed, chair and etc...

My Favorite Sisters

      These are my favorite sisters ever. Casey the human, and Kohl the dog. Casey is 9 and a half years old. Kohl is 4 years old. It is great to have 2 sisters that will play with me 24 hours 7 days a week. When Casey holds me I just love to fall asleep in her arms. My bed is in Casey's bedroom. When there is no people at my house me and Kohl like to sleep in Kohl's bed because she can't fit in mine. They are the best sisters anyone can have ever have. I love those two girls.

My Life

        My mom got me when I was exactly 7 weeks old. My family has been nice to me ever since they got me. My birthday is June 28. They got me on Thursday, August 16, 2007. Can you guess how old I am? Well I am only 5 months old. I am the youngest one in my whole entire house. Sometimes it is nice to be the youngest one. Casey takes me on walks every day. She is so nice that she is the one that made this website all by herself. She is making this website for me. She isn't gonna make a website for anyone else not even herself. I love that girl more than I love my dinner.


        I love to get treats. I have to sit to get them. Oh well thats not to hard to do right. Anyway, to the left is a picture that Casey drew for me.


          As you know I like to chew on a lot of stuff. That is why I wear a muzzle. I think that the muzzle paralyzes me. I don't move at all when I'm wearing it. If I do it really surprises my family. I know that I can really move around but I don't like to very much.


       I love toys. I play with them all the time. Kohl and I share the toys with each other. We love playing tug-of-war with each other. I also like playing with rocks some times. I'm a very unusual dog sometimes. I bet you even think so.


        I am a very bad dog. I'm not potty trained yet. I will go to the bathroom near the back door. There is no way I will ever actually be potty trained. My poop stinks up the whole entire living room. Kohl and I love the smell but everyone else hates it. Am I not the best dog ever or something? I think that I am. No matter how bad I am Casey will always think that I'm the best dog she will ever have. She doesn't think she knows. She also knows that I am bad sometimes, but not always.


      This is my first bed ever. I got a crate because I'm not potty trained. If I didn't have a crate they would be afraid that when they are sleeping I'd get up and go potty where I'm not supposed to. Sometimes I'm just to bad. That crate isn't so bad when you get used to it. Well at least I don't like it that much. Now the muzzle on the other side. That is just another story.

Me and Kohl

       I told you that me and Kohl sleep together. I also told you that we get along see. Now I have proof. She may look like a mean dog but really she is so sweet. She is a Lab, Border Collie, Queensland Heeler. I am a pure bread Jack Russell Terrier. I love my life.

Me and my Favorite Sisters

       This is me and my favorite sisters. Don't we look so cute together? I'm licking Casey in this picture.

Oldest Sister

       This is my oldest sister Smokey. She is 10 years old in human years not cat years. She is a Siamese cat. Isn't she beautiful? She isn't very nice. She doesn't get along with any of the pets here. She only gets along with the humans in my house.

Munchie Munchie

       I'm a bad doggy. Look at what I did when my mom and Casey weren't looking. It's the brown part I did. It used to be black but I tore the paint off of it.

Mini Me

        Doesn't this look like a mini me to you? It was my moms when she was a kid. It is still hers but it looks just like me. It just doesn't have the brown eye patches like I do. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

     If you have any questions please email me at Thank you for looking at this little website I put together. :D