Murphy The Famous Puppy

My Nieces'


       Hi this is Summer. She is my favorite niece. Summer is only two years old. She is also Casey's daughter. Summer doesn't like to play very  much. I still love her so much. She has very long fur. If you don't believe me just look at the picture very very closely. She has pure gray hair. Isn't she the most beautiful cat in the world except for Olivia. She is pretty. :P


      This is Roxy one of my other favorite nieces. I'm not sure how old she is. All I know is that she is not one yet. She is probably about eight months old. Her and Summer get along really good. Summer has never touched her before. At least not that I know of. Casey doesn't trust me near her. She thinks that I'm going to eat her. Oh well at least I'm aloud to torcher myself by dreaming of eating her. She is almost as big as me, and she's only a rabbit! :)